re:Vitality Survey for Our Redeemer


Our congregation is exploring participation in the LCMS re:Vitality Lutheran revitalization program. “Vital” is the key component of “revitalization.” Wherever the Word is proclaimed in its purity and God’s Sacraments are rightly administered, there is spiritual vitality. re:Vitality builds upon spiritual vitality and guides the church in positive action for sustainable, adaptable, focused, and healthy ministry for years to come. The first step in the re:Vitality process is to submit honest feedback about our congregation from everyone involved. I want to encourage every adult (18 years and older) to fill out this simple online questionnaire. Simply click this link when you are ready to begin: and enter our congregation code: C452238.

We need to hear from everyone, individually. That means husbands and wives should both fill out a questionnaire separately. We want to hear from you whether you’ve been a member here your whole life, or you’re brand new to Christianity; whether you’re a member, frequent attendee, or occasional visitor, we want to hear from you.  Your responses are completely anonymous. No one will know your name, and I will not see individual responses. It is important to be honest in your feedback so that we can have an accurate assessment about where we are as a congregation.

Help us find the answer to, “Where are we…really?” Thank you for submitting your responses by December 1 st .